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[Sir Isaac Newton]

Is Newton old hatton?

From our readers

Below is an edited version of a letter from Bob. He was kind enough to send us a copy of the original. We vote for option #2.

Mail from Robert K.

From: robk@[xxxxxxx] To: letters@intelligentattraction.com Date: 11/18/2005 08:19 PM Subject: Fwd: Not another political diatribe from Bob
Relax, you're safe. This is not yet another rage against the war machine email from Bob. No, this is a much scarier ramble trying to gauge whether a recent experience was a message from a higher power. Please read the following and respond with your vote. I promise to let you know the results. I'm in bed but anxious to share intelligentattraction.com with my wife. So when she gets home I ask her to bring the lap-top up and show her the web-site. When we're done looking at the site she hands the lap-top back to me, horizontal in bed. It slides off my hand, into my face, and splits my lip! So the question is: 1 - Was this caused by gravity? 2 - Was this caused by intelligent attraction? 3 - Was this a message from a higher power to Bob? Please submit your vote. Bob vote4bob@intelligentattraction.com

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